Friday, June 29, 2012

Body Language Analysis No. 1916: Katie Holmes & Tom Cruise are getting a Divorce - What Body Language Metric could have Predicted this - When They Were Dating?

When it comes to dating and romance are you aware that you your significant other's height statistically plays a key roll in whether it will just be a date or two - or if last as a couple
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce after a five year marriage.

Boguslaw Pawlowski, Ph.D., a Polish Anthropologist has noticed an interesting body language predictor of relationship longevity (it also predicts male-female & female-male attraction) - height ratio. When the man is 9% taller (1.09 times taller or the woman being 0.917 the height of the man) - Boguslaw found that this is the optimal ratio for longevity of a relationship. He found that the further a couple is from this height-proportion, the shorter the relationship tends to last. Like all statistics, this tendency describes large numbers of people (also disease behavior, sports stats, economics, etc.) and we can place too much emphasis when we look at small numbers or individual cases - but one can't help but wonder if this nonverbal quality had some influence on Katie and Tom - for she is 5'9" and he is 5'7" (a male to female ratio of only 0.97! - or said another way she is 3% taller than he, see below).

By the way - Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward (married for 50 years) ratio was exactly 1.09 and Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick (married 24 years) ratio is very close, 1.085!

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