Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1878:
Desmonte Leonard, Auburn Alabama Shooting Suspect

Auburn Alabama Police Chief Tommy Dawson holds up mug-shot of Desmonte Leonard from a prior arrest. Chief Dawson's nonverbal expression is one of classic contempt (Although we cannot see his left nostril, it is flared slightly. His left upper lip is elevated and his mid-face is tense. The Chief's left eyelid is also partially closed - also consistent with contempt. His excellent display of mild-moderate contempt can be seen in the photo above as well as in the video below). In the image of Leonard he's holding, the suspect displays elements of both contempt and disgust (Most notably, his head is tilted backwards with bilaterally partially closed eyelids and both nostrils dilated). It's a body language pattern that is seen an extremely often in arrest images.

Leonard, who was wanted in the killing of three men and injuring of three others in Auburn on Saturday 11 June 2012, turned himself in Tuesday to Authorities in Montgomery, Alabama. Two of the men killed were former Auburn University football players and one of those wounded is a current player.