Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1907:
Governor Rick Scott tells a Lie

In the third segment of this video montage (0:53 - 1:09), Florida Governor Rick Scott tells a lie. Note during the 1:03 - 1:04 clip, he rubs his right eye with his right hand/forefinger (aka index finger). In the context of answering a question or, as is shown here, when making a point-in-fact statement, rubbing one eye is a body language signal highly consistent with anxiety and particularly deception (a bilateral eye rub indicates something completely different). He also very noticeably stutters. Obviously, as Governor Scott was joking about comparisons between Florida and Texas, the result of such a lie are insignificant - except that they will act as "norming" signs (individual baseline behavior) for those who study your nonverbals/ do business with/married to, etc

The ease at which one can pull off a "relatively convincing" lie is proportional to the risks of getting caught (Ekman). If it is difficult for a person to deceive others with a falsehood of such minor ramifications, then it is also accurate to conclude he/she is a "bad liar" and lies with greater consequences would be easier to detect.