Monday, June 4, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1859:
The Prince is Angry at the Queen's Jubilee

Prince William is a good bit unhappy at the moment of this photo. It was taken yesterday at the festivities for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. While Kate is sporting a good social smile, note the Prince's inward lip roll. The "ILR" is a lip configuration wherein the lips are rolled inward and gently bitten/compressed together between one's teeth. It's a strong body language signal of increased anxiety (and a common expression for him). More specifically it is a sign the psyche is trying to control-suppress a more outward display of negative emotions - usually anger.

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Take note of the Prince's hands as well. They are in tight fists. When there is tension in the mouth and mid-face area, as Wills' so clearly exemplifies, it is extremely commonly mirrored in the hands. Conversely, when the face is joyful and relaxed - so are the hands. The next time you're angry, see what your hands are doing - most likely they will be tense. If care is taken to relax them, it becomes much easier to do the same with your face. 

William's head is turned slight to his right and down-turned - not looking directly at the person(s) of his discontent - thus his eyes are gazing left. We often tend to not look directly at someone we don't like, don't respect or don't believe/trust.

I'm certainly not aware of all possible princely protocol; however it's a safe bet that royal etiquette does NOT include walking in front of one's wife. This is another nonverbal signal of anger, anxiety and not being "in the moment". The Prince is not self-aware. Emily Post wouldn't approve either.

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