Sunday, June 3, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1858:
What the Eyes Do - Transitioning from Mild to Severe Anger

Close-ups of the great actor & director Clint Eastwood's eyes are shown in these two images. In both photos, Clint is angry. His brows are lowered and pulled together along with a contraction of the muscles overlying the bridge of the nose - ergo the dynamic and characteristic wrinkling of the tissue there. 

Most notably though in these two images are the contrasting appearances of his eyelids. In the above photo they are partially closed in what some refer to as an anger "squint". This is indicative of mild anger and not to be confused with the partial eyelid closure (but very different eyelid appearance) of a sincere smile (see also: Secret # 353: Brad Pitt's Smiling Eyes - Sincere and Insincere Smiles)

The picture below however shows Eastwood's eyelids, particularly his upper eyelids (and more noticeable on HIS left) opening wider. This is demonstrative of transitioning to moderate and higher levels of anger. Severe Anger is synonymous with Rage - and once this full transformation occur, both of Clint's eyelids would be open very wide.

Anger is the only emotion where the eyelids have opposite findings when comparing the milder vs. more extreme examples.

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