Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1874:
Bad Handshake - Political Prevalence

In this image, Mitt Romney is committing an essentially ubiquitous mistake among politicians (regardless of party) - the "Political Double-Hander" (Pease). There are many ways to sabotage a handshake and this is but one. A common error of over-alpha-males, the double-hander is universally negatively received. It's a rapport destroyer. The average person makes some allowances for this bad-greeting within the context of the politics - but if a candidate wants to build rapport and presumably your vote, they absolutely should refrain from using it (and outside the realm of politics, its use substantially increases the likelihood of narcissistic personality disorder). Be warned - unless a person knows you fairly well, the double-hander is a nonverbal indication that they want something from you. Here the former Massachusetts Governor obviously wants her vote.

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