Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1891:
Obama Responds to Romney Criticisms at G-20

In this video, President Barack Obama responds to a question regarding criticism by Mitt Romney. Barack Obama, in general, has good nonverbal skills - particularly when it comes to his hands. Note during the 0:19 - 0:24 segment, when the former Illinois Senator interlaces his fingers, leans towards (a' la male-schoolmarm) the person who presumably asked the question, with a bilateral eyebrow flash, then a (right) unilateral raised eyebrow with right-sided forehead contraction (incredulity) and then slightly (passively) closes his eyelids. This body language cluster is highly consistent with patronizing and condescending emotions directed towards Mitt Romney - for whom the questioner is a momentary surrogate.