Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1867:
Ann Romney - Demure vs. Assertive Stance

In this video, Ann Romney speaks initially of Mitt's support for her with her multiple sclerosis and then for her treatment and recovery from breast cancer. Note the possible future first lady's feet. They are positioned very close together. This is a very beta, demure, non-assertive, low comfort and hyper-feminine stance. In some scenarios, depending on the speaker, setting and subject - as well as other nonverbals it is clustered with, this configuration can even signal fear and low confidence. The fact that she was discussing aspects of her diseases, such an emotional tone is entirely expected. At the 0:26 mark however, when she "puts on her Mom hat" - her feet change positions to that of approximately shoulder width apart. Take note of the assertive tone change in her voice which accompanies this body language alteration. She then projects a significantly elevated level assertiveness/alpha behavior, comfort, authority, confidence and leadership with this nonverbal shift.

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