Saturday, February 7, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3093: Brian Williams on David Letterman - Discussing Iraq War Incident - A Very Telling Facial Expression (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Earlier today Brian Williams took himself off the air - temporarily. Back on 26 March 2013, he was a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. A lower resolution video of this appearance is included above. During this interview he recounted the now controversial incident that we know to be embellished which occurred in Iraq in 2003.  During his re-telling of the Iraq War events, Williams displayed very telling facial expressions - a partial analysis follows ....

Note that during 4:20 - 4:24 Williams' Central Forehead is Contracted and Vectored Upward (Upward CFC along with his inner [medial] eyebrows). When an upward central forehead contraction is seen in the presence of a "mouth smile" the smile is ALWAYS insincere. The false mouth smile is usually not fully expressed - rather most often as it is here, it's partially-to-mostly suppressed. The CFC with a false mouth smile indicates one of several emotions - either arrogance (and we're all arrogant once in a while), incredulity (certainly disbelief is a common thought-emotion) or contempt (and sometimes we all feel contempt). It's also very important know that all three of these emotional states have other characteristic nonverbal expressions.

We all make this expression on occasion, however when the upward-CFC with a (false) mouth smile is displayed chronically, beware - for it's a strong indicator of a sociopath.

So in this scenario is Brian Williams feeling arrogant, incredulous or contemptuous? Which is it? How can we suss out his thought-feelings more specifically? The secret is to see the other nonverbals clustered with it. What other very obvious lie (not pictured here) did Brian Williams say with respect to his Iraq story? Did you catch it? Stay tuned ....

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