Monday, February 16, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3104: 2016 Presidential Candidate Hopeful Gov. Scott Walker - and a Body Language Signal which a Leader should NEVER adopt (PHOTO)

Scott Walker, the current Governor of Wisconsin, is pictured above on the North Lawn of the White House. Walker has formed a 527 organization in an effort to explore and/or initiate a run for the U.S. Presidency in 2016.

Governor Walker is obviously posing in this photo - yet his body language is configured in a manner which NO ONE who is a leader or fancies themselves a leader SHOULD EVER BE. Walker shouldn't punt or pretend here. But he is in sore need of body language expertise.

In this photo, Walker's body language is shouting he's not up to the job.

Many men and boys on the red carpet will pose with one or both hands in their pockets'. As with many things Hollywood - such clich├ęs may spread through the culture. Yet this is only a parroting of others' acting - and thus is by definition at least two levels removed from sincerity.

It's rare to find a photo of a U.S. President or any head-of-state from any country or any political party - with any hands in his pockets. And it's one nonverbal over which they should always maintain veto power. Those who stand (or God-forbid walk) with one or both hands in their pockets at the very least transmit strong signals of distancing and disengagement. Depending on the other nonverbals with which they are clustered, hands in pockets will also very often indicate low emotional comfort, low confidence and a considerably beta/demure emotional tone. Try standing like this - its mere mimicking will evoke these feelings.

If you hold office, running for office, in any type of leadership position (or if you want or need to feel confident) - NEVER stand (or sit) like this and of course NEVER let anyone see or photograph you with your hands in your pockets.

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