Friday, February 20, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3108: Kim Jong-un Haircut & mirroring his Deceased Dad - Kim Jong-il (PHOTOS)

While many in the media have poked fun at Kim Jong-un, his recent change in "style" gives us insight into what is going on in the North Korean leader's mind.

This image is a couple years old. He looks boyish. Some of his advisers may have told him so - but of course they would have risked their lives in doing so (Remember he had his uncle killed in 2013).

Kim Jong-un has changed his haircut, donned some glasses and trimmed his eyebrows to an even greater degree.

Why has he done this?

North Korea's "Supreme Leader" wants to look like his dad. Kim Jong-un is mirroring his deceased father, Kim Jong-il.

It could be that Kim Jong-un feels that others will respect him if he looks more like his father - the people of North Korea, his subordinates - or perhaps other heads-of-state. It's also possible that he has a type of identity disorder or an inferiority complex.

It's one thing to change your hair, it's quite another to want to look like daddy on such a public stage. Such an action suggests Kim Jong-un is psychologically unstable. Is he trying to "show" his father something? Is he trying to "prove" to us that he is as tough as his father? His behavior is a red flag. There is a high likelihood that this portends geopolitical chess moves or possibly worse.

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