Sunday, February 15, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3103: Dr. J's reaction to Zack LaVine's "Space Jam" Slam Dunk - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Zack LaVine's donned a Michael Jordan "Tune Squad" Jersey and wowed the crowd with a "Space Jam" to win the 2015 slam dunk contest. If you haven't seen it - take a look at the above video. It's amazing.

The audience wasn't the only one who was in awe - so were the judges - including Dr. J. In the image below, from the 1:11 mark, Julius Erving's facial expression captures a very specific emotion and one of its associated nonverbals.

Some would call this an example of a "Thousand Yard Stare" - yet although it's similar in some respects, they'd be wrong. (What does the Thousand Yard Stare signify?)

Others would call this an example of surprise. They'd too be in error - but closer to the mark. (Why is this expression not surprise?).

This is one of the facial configurations which are seen when there is a disparity between what the intellect knows - but what the emotional brain is having trouble processing. A more colloquial way of saying this is this is a nonverbal way of saying, "I don't believe what I just saw!" (with vocal tone/qualities suggestive of impossibility). It's indeed a facial manifestation of mild psychological shock.

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