Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3114: Wheel of Musical Impressions with Christina Aguilera - Pitch Perfect Cher, Britney Spears & Shakira on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

If you've not yet watched this very viral video, Wheel of Musical Impressions with Christina Aguilera - on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon - you've really got to! She's spot on & pitch perfect singing like Cher, Britney Spears & Shakira. She's spooky-good. Of course, there is some history between Aguilera and Spears, so Britney must really be grinding her teeth with this one.

Besides the hilariousness and entertainment value - there's also some very illustrative body language exampled here. This is only a partial nonverbal analysis - but see if you can spot some other signals .....


Aguilera displays a partially formed
Fear Mouth


Christina shows us a Seating Adjusting maneuver (she does this multiple times).

This signals that Ms. Aguilera is experiencing some anxiety and more specifically "Dialing up her alpha" qualities.


Inward Lip Roll (ILR)

She's attempting to suppress an inward emotional crescendo and any corresponding outward expression of her emotion (here anxiety).


Unilateral Fear-Mouth
(Christina's right side)

Eyes of Fear
Eyelids open wider than baseline
(Left eye more so)


Nose Rub

"I can't believe I did that!" (Form of self-disbelief and even self- deprecation), thus here is a manifestation of the specific anxiety associated with emotional processing. Her intellect knows what just happened, however Ms. Aguilera's emotional brain hasn't yet fully comprehended it.


Scratching forehead

Anxiety indicator - yet more specifically we can say that this is "honest anxiety display".


A Second Nose Touch/Rub

Continued Emotional Processing (similar to image at 0:59)


Claw Hand with Straight Arm

In this nonverbal cluster-context, the claw hand with the accompanying straight arm (unbent elbow) indicate High Anxiety

(What does "The Claw" mean when it is palms down? How about with the elbow flexed?)


Jimmy Fallon displays a poor "false-surprise" face 

This "game" was completely rigged.


Hair Adjust
(Truncated Hair Adjust Behind Ear or truncated HABE)

Anxiety + Dialing Up Alpha Qualities

She's calling on her psyche to "Step it up her game".

Note that Jimmy is trying to keep himself from laughing too hard. What is this called? What thought-emotion does it signal?


Facial Touch (Cheek Scratch)


There is a nonverbal here which indicates Ms. Aguilera knew that Britney's name would come up - can you spot it? (Hint: watch video several times during this segment)


Aguilera Touching her Temple with her Eyes Closed - indicating significantly Focused-Thought.


Christina is touching/rubbing the back of her neck/hair. Together with the configuration of her elbow - what does this body language cluster context indicate?

What an amazing voice and an uncanny ability to duplicate others' voices!

Although she is a very seasoned performer, with which singer-impression was Christina Aguilera most emotionally-comfortable? Who was she most nervous imitating?

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