Thursday, September 18, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2956: Eric Frein - Suspect in Murder of Pennsylvania Officer - Body Language Sign of Impeding Violence (VIDEO, PHOTO)

This is a photo of Eric Frein. He is currently the primary suspect in the murder of a State Trooper (Bryon Dickson) and the serious wounding/attempted murder of another (Alex Douglas) on Friday, 12 September 2014 in Pike County, Pennsylvania. The FBI has subsequently classified Frein as one of their Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. Eric Frein is a survivalist who has allegedly spoken of committing mass murder.

When you look at Frein's face - what emotion do you see? Now try again. Glancing at for just a slit-second; what do you "feel"? Don't over-think it.

Eric Frein was feeling contempt at the moment of the image. It is not extreme or moderated - indeed it's a subtle-to-mild contempt expression (don't let his asymmetric, old, healed, broken nose confuse you). Do you see the contempt? Do you feel it? Those who commit violent acts, especially premeditated shootings and similar terrorist/terrorist-like activities VERY COMMONLY have nonverbal displays of CHRONIC CONTEMPT and/or CHRONIC DISGUST. We all display contempt and disgust from time to time. However the recognition of those who display this facial expression CHRONICALLY is profoundly valuable in threat assessment/predicting violent behavior.

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