Saturday, September 13, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2949: Hillary Clinton at Maya Angelou's Tribute - a Body Language Signal of .... (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During a tribute for Maya Angelou yesterday, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama, Nikki Giovanni and Oprah Winfrey all spoke. Hillary and Maya Angelou were not just two famous people who knew each other - they were friends.

When it was Mrs. Clinton's turn to speak, on two occasions she displayed a nonverbal which is rarely noted.

At 5:25 the former U.S. Secretary of State says, "... And there was just something about Maya that made everybody think they could relate to her. Even though there wasn't anyone else like her in the World, somehow everyone could see something of themselves in her story ..."

As she says, "... somehow ..." (at 5:37), Hillary configures her hands in fists - and importantly both her upper arm and lower arms are close to her torso (e.g. as opposed to the elbows pointed out and held away from the body). 

Mrs. Clinton continues, "...She knew everyone, lived everywhere, read everything, and felt it all..."

This image was captured at 6:07 just as Mrs. Clinton says "... felt it all ..."

When this closed fist nonverbal illustrator appears along with other congruent body language, it is highly significant for elevated levels of both sincerity and empathy.

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