Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Quiz-Analysis No. 2967: George Clooney & Amal Alamuddin Wed in Venice - All The World's a Stage - Sincerity level of Smiles (PHOTOS)

George Clooney and Human Rights Attorney Amal Alamuddin were married yesterday in Venice.

Few people know what it feels like to be under the paparazzi's constant attention - so let's not be too critical of Mr. Clooney's expressions exampled here. These images do however provide a great rapid-contrasting of similar facial expressions in an effort to suss sincerity and discern emotional dissonances.

There is obvious playfulness transpiring in the moment above. What emotion is Ms. Alamuddin is feigning here?  Yet very many "smile" with a mouth configured as her's is here.

Do we have enough information to determine Mr. Clooney's true thought-emotion in this moment?

It can not be stressed enough that if a person is not being sincere in any given moment, that it speaks to that moment only - and not their entire personality or character. 

What feature precludes a sincere smile here?

A different feature (vs. the photo immediately above) tells us this smile is not sincere - what is it?

It is important to note that many sincere smiles are not extreme (e.g. "ear to ear"); many are partially or mostly suppressed and thus possess minimal mouth components.

On a scale from 1 to 10, what would you rate the level of George's sincerity with this smile?

A least three thought-emotions are present in this moment - what are they?

Although you don't know the source of his emotional dissonance, you should be able to label three emotion-thoughts in this moment.

What is Mr. Clooney's "Sincerity Quotient" here?

Does this expression display true joy-happiness?

What feature in this moment rules out a joy-happiness smile?

"Mr. Alamuddin" is experiencing Emotional Dissonance here,
yet what are emotions present?

What does Clooney's hand position suggest about his facial expression?

Given the features of his forehead, his mouth and his mid-face, can we make an accurate prediction about the configuration of George's eyes?

Do we need to see George's eyes to decide whether or not this smile is sincere?

What three thought-emotions is George thinking-feeling in this moment?

Are his eyes consistent with that of a Duchenne Smile in this instant?

What is Clooney's sincerity quotient here, 1 to 10?

Is enough of George's face visible in this image to tell if his smile is sincere?

Congratulations George and Amal. Be joyful.

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