Friday, September 5, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2941: Barack Obama at NATO Summit - Split Finger Fastball & the Dominant Spider (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Barack Obama spoke to the press today along with all the other heads of state today - the second day of the NATO Summit.

The NATO leaders have agreed on the formation of a rapid deployment force of several thousand troops to protect Eastern Europe against any future possible Russian aggression.

In this image, an enlargement from the photo above, the President's right hand is conformed in what is known as a "Split Finger Fastball". It is termed such because its resemblance to a baseball pitchers hand for this particular pitch. It is an example of an alpha-beta hybrid, not too alpha and not too beta - yet in this continuum it leans a bit more beta.

A few moments later in the video above, we see the American President adopt another illustrator which has a significantly higher alpha tone.

With his fingers spread in a primarily downward direction, this hand gesture is known as a "Dominant Spider".

The hands and the face are neurologically closely tied. Thus their body language is also often correlated. Compare the President's face here to the one above. An increased alpha hand gesture is associated with elevated tension in the face.

When assessing nonverbal signals - always correlate the hands and the face.

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