Thursday, September 4, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2940: David Cameron at NATO Summit - His Thin Lip Grows Thinner (PHOTO)

Today, along with other NATO
leaders, David Cameron gathered at a Summit in Newport, Wales. There they expressed outrage against Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine as well as for ISIS-ISIL within Iraq and Syria.

The British Prime Minister is not known for his full lips. In a neutral expression, his upper lip in particular is thinner than most.

In this image, Mr. Cameron's upper lip is so thin it essentially disappears (do not confuse this with an "inward lip roll"). The width of his mouth is also foreshortened along with a tightening of his "mustache area" (tissue between the upper lip and nose - regardless of gender). Careful attention to his lower eyelids also reveals mild tightening.

These findings taken in toto constitute a nonverbal cluster consistent with anger. Of course, many times politicians feign emotions - here however, David Cameron is feeling and displaying sincere anger.

While many people can recognize dramatic facial manifestations of anger, contempt, disgust, joy, sadness, surprise, fear, etc. - a much smaller subset can accurately identify moderate, let alone mild or subtle displays of these and other emotional states. Your ability to spot these faint findings of emotion will give you at a profound advantage.

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