Saturday, September 27, 2014

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 2965: A Variation of a Microexpression of Contempt Commonly Confused & Disguised (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Segments of this interview (regarding pictures in the yearbook and who is "most likely to skinny dip") with assistant Principal Garrick Matthews of Portales High School in Portales, New Mexico are shown several times within the above video news segment. Here we see exampled a very common, yet profoundly rarely appreciated manifestation of contempt. It is both very short lived - thus a microexpression - as well hidden as cleverly camouflaged. However this masquerade is indeed subconscious - folded inside a sniff. He does not know he's trying to disguise this thought-emotion.

Note as Assist. Principle Matthews begins speaking at 1:38.5, "I can't change it, but I can tell people who were going to [sniff] try to make sure that those sorts of things, you know, don't happen in the future."

1:40 "Sniff-Camouflaged Microexpression of Contempt"

In addition to this clandestine nonverbal display of contempt, a few seconds later as he says, " ... you know, don't hap..." the school administrator signals us with prolonged bilateral eyelid closure - which in this cluster-context is a contempt amplifier

1:42 - 1:46

Contempt Amplifier
of Bilateral Eyelid Closure

It is important to point out that although we are sure he feels contempt, in this short interview we cannot tell for whom he feels it - e.g., the students, the adults on the yearbook staff, the news crew, etc.

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