Saturday, April 28, 2012

Romance, Flirting & Dating
Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1752:
Wearing Red and Sexual Attraction
What are You Marketing?

Many studies have shown that woman who wear red, are perceived as more attractive. Women wearing red, are also thought by men, to be more sexually receptive to their advances compared with those wearing other colors. It's not surprising that men also think that women who they believe are sexually receptive are also more attractive. Studies also suggest that women who wear red, tend to be more interested in sexual encounters.

These flight attendants of Austrian Airlines wear red as part of their uniform. Along with white, it is also the primary color of the airlines, their planes and the Austrian flag. In the context of flight attendants' uniforms though, wearing red certainly has other marketing advantages. You may or may not agree with the practice of these and other somewhat subliminal (sometimes much more obvious) techniques - but your biology doesn't care. Sex sells.