Monday, April 30, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1732:
Rationalization, Rapport, Empathy Expression
How Jewel got her name

At the 2:43 mark in this video, Jewel (Jewel Kilcher) displays a great example of the Rationalization-Rapport-Empathy-Expression (R2E2) - when discussing the origins of her name. It looks virtually identical to the disgust-contempt nonverbals. She is a fantastic musician, a giving philanthropist and a beautiful lady - and of course, very human. We all use the R2E2. 

Very often, when we rationalize to ourselves or others we use the R2E2 (note Jewel's use of the words/phrase, "... you know ..." and the accompanying tone of voice). Its use also helps in building rapport. Displaying this nonverbal can be a signal that empathy is being asked for as well. Thus this expression can be very useful in negotiation - although it must be displayed sparingly. If you want to see it used too often - a great setting is watching salespeople in action. When we are trying to win people over to our way of thinking, our subconscious will pull out this face for a second or two - although microexpression displays (lasting less than 0.5 second) of the R2E2 may occur as well. But be warned, for the R2E2 can also be a signal of manipulation (although certainly not in this particular example with Jewel). 

Very often there is feigned laughter, a leaning towards others (with the head or entire upper body) and/or a touching the other person's hand, arm or shoulder clustered together with this nonverbal. These additional body language components amplify and anchor the rapport effect of the R2E2.

When you see this body language displayed - it's always a sign that those using it believe that you (or they) are not fully convinced of their decision, thoughts or actions.

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