Thursday, April 19, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1650:
Ozzie Guillen Gets Suspended
by Miami Marlins Team President

In this video excerpt from the Showtime series "The Franchise", Miami Marlins president, David Samson suspends the team manager, Ozzie Guillen for positive statements he had made regarding Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro. In any other city in the U.S., it would have a no-no. In Miami it was a disaster.

At the beginning of the video, when Samson walks in the room, Guillen has his legs on his desk - something many boss do. In this context it demonstrates alpha superiority, dominance, relaxation and confidence - but Samson is Guillen's superior, so Ozzie's alpha gets dialed-down and his legs accordingly come off of his desk when the big dog walks in. He who was once alpha, now becomes a relative beta.

At about the 0:11 mark, David Samson is leaning forward - demonstrating relative assertiveness - he's in the driver's seat. However his arms and legs are crossed - displaying defensiveness and a closed mindset. His forward lean and his crossed limbs are in direct contrast, demonstrating emotional dissonance. Samson feels conflicted - he doesn't feel fully committed to do what he is about to - suspend his team Manager. Emotional dissonance like this is very common and if you spot it, it will give you a distinct advantage.

At the 0:17 mark, Samson says, "... we're going to win championships here...." he then immediately scratches his mouth and "mustache area". In this context, this nonverbal indicates a high probability that Mr. Samson does not believe his own statement is true - or at the very least is highly doubtful.

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Ozzie is leaning back in his chair - disengaged. He is physically and emotionally distancing himself from the team President. When he's told that he's going to be suspended - he scratches heavily behind his left ear, the back of his head and his neck. He's in disbelief - and experiencing significant anxiety. Guillen's trying to emotionally process what is transpiring.

Another significant body language signal is seen at the 0:25 mark when Ozzie puts both hands behind his head and elbows pointed out and forward. This nonverbal is often seen in office settings and indicates a high alpha behavior - however, in the world of sports, on the battlefield and in law enforcement - it indicates acquiescence & surrender - and that's what we see here. 

At the very end of the video, Guillen is walking out of the Marlins' stadium tunnel, and he puts his left hand in his pocket. This is a body language tell of a relatively beta emotional tone and disengagement. Ozzie doesn't want to talk. Like anyone in similar shoes, he just wants to get out of there, into a familiar environment with friends and family - and further emotionally process the events of the last few minutes.

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