Thursday, April 5, 2012

Negotiation Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1415:
Justin Rose -
A Puffer Fish at the Masters

The "Puffer Fish" is a common body language tell seen just prior to (when the expectation and outcome is generally known), or more typically just following a stressful event. With his cheeks distended, Justin Rose, probably just hit into the rough - and it's not too difficult to interpret this and place this nonverbal in context when watching The Masters. However it's incredible how often body language signals such as this are seen - only to be discounted - in a business, political, legal scenarios, etc. If you see this sign - don't ignore it. There is much more stress in those who display it than is ever verbally expressed.

The Puffer Fish which occurs during exhalation (although several consecutive cycles may be seen) lowers the blood pressure, pulse and is consistent with slower deeper breathing - and has a calming effect. This is in distinction to "Tight Lipped Breathing" which can look similar to the body language novice.

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