Friday, April 6, 2012

Negotiation Nonverbal Communication Secret # 1522:
False Mastication in Court
Alicia DeBolt and
Adam Longoria

This is Adam Longoria. Today he was found guilty of capital murder of 14 year-old Alicia DeBolt. Notice the right side of Longoria's mouth. He's showing us a subtle example of what is known as "False Mastication" or "False chewing". Most all of us occasionally display this nonverbal when we're nervous - a gentle chewing of the inside of the cheek with the teeth. This is just one of many self-soothing gestures that are classified under the general category of  "manipulators" or "adaptors" or "pacifiers" (MAPs). MAPs will be significantly manifested during times of stress and anxiety.  

It is very interesting to note that in the context of conversation, should someone display false mastication, it significantly increases the odds that this secondary to deception-related anxiety. Since Longoria is not speaking, his anxiety is most probably secondary to what is being said by an attorney.

Should you notice this during a negotiation or business venture, be very wary of what was just spoken - for it is evidence of anxiety, and perhaps deception.