Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nonverbal Communication Analysis # 1709:
Peyton Manning's Agent Does Not Fully Believe

Tom Condon, a "super-agent" in the NFL world, has significant doubts as to whether Peyton Manning is healthy enough, fully healed and able to fill his new roll as starting quarterback with the Denver Broncos. He didn't say this with his words - but his body language gave us a view into his real feelings.

Just after Charlie Rose asked Condon about Peyton Manning, the agent displays a brief (just a bit longer than a microexpression) Inward Lip Roll (ILR) at the 3:46 mark. This is a very reliable signal of anxiety - and more specifically, a sign of "holding in" negative emotion.

Mr. Condon also looked down and to his right when discussing Peyton Manning and his health. Looking in this right-lower quadrant, has a significant correlation with highly emotional issues - when the speaker is right handed. Tom Condon cares about his client, but he also has significant emotional concern here. I'm not saying he's lying, but Condon's gut is telling him that Peyton's injury may prevent him from the expected level of performance - he's worried.

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Incredulity is displayed by Condon's left eyebrow and forehead elevation. This nonverbal is easy to see just after Mr. Rose poses his question - during the 3:51 - 3:55 segment. Also seen at the 3:51 mark, Mr. Condon displays an extended (much longer than a normal blink) bilateral eyelid closure - and in this context it's an indicator that he is psychologically wanting to "escape" from the question and/or issue and block them from his mind.

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Notice also that Mr. Condon never answered Charlie Rose's question. He spoke about Peyton's commitment, how hard he's working, other people's assessment of Manning's health, etc. - but he never said anything definitive. Condon sounded like a politician here. Contrasting his body language and verbal tone of excitement to other parts of the conversation e.g., when discussing (with a good "social smile") Andrew Luck going to the Indianapolis Colts or Robert Griffin (even Joking) to the Redskins - contrasts greatly compared with the discussion of Manning. We can see the hesitancy in his face and hear it in his voice.

Condon was glad to have the interview end - for when Charlie Rose said, "It's going to be a great season...", (4:26 mark) is when we see the agent's face change and six components of a sincere smile quickly emerge - partial closure of the eyelids, a concave-up furrow in the lower lids, a trace lowering of the eyebrows, a relaxed forehead,  upward pulling cheeks and a mouth smile with only his upper teeth visible.