Sunday, November 26, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4134: Hope Hicks, Emotional Intelligence, and Communicating Nonverbally (PHOTOS)

Hope Hicks was named interim White House Communications Director when Anthony Scaramucci was fired on 16 August 2017. She was appointed to the position permanently on 12 September.

This image was captured in the White House briefing room.

Notice the components of Director Hicks' facial expression. Her inner (medial) eyebrows are vectored downward. There's also a tightening of both of her lower eyelids.

Ms. Hicks' torso is not rotated, and while her head is partially turned - her eyes have to gaze far laterally in order for her to fixate on the person who's speaking. We don't look directly at people whom we don't like, don't respect, and/or don't believe.

The Communication Director's mid-face is contracted - more specifically, she's flaring her nostrils and displaying tension in the region above her upper lip and below her nose.

Both of Hicks' lips are dynamically thinned - this is subtle and evident more so with her upper lip.

Her mouth opening is foreshortened with the lip margins oriented horizontally.

The contraction of her mentalis muscles (on the front of the mandible) give rise to her chin dimpling - a signal that she's also clenching her jaw. If you look carefully, you'll also notice the concomitant and subtle "sucking-inward" of her each of cheeks.

In brief Ms. Hicks' nonverbal cluster displays:

• Inner (Medial) Eyebrows Eyebrows vectored downward
• Lower Eyelid Tension
• "Side Eye"
• Nostril Flaring
• Tension in region above Upper Lip/Below Nose
• Lip Thinning (Upper > Lower)
• Horizontal Mouth Opening Orientation
• Sucking Cheeks Inward
• Clenching Jaw
• Chin Dimpling

Summary: Although she isn't speaking a word, in this moment, Director Hicks is feeling - and very much communicating - Anger.

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