Thursday, November 2, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4110: Yuli Gurriel "Apologizes" to Yu Darvish for a Gesture of Prejudice During The World Series - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

The image above was captured during game three of this year's World Series. The Houston Astro's first baseman Yuri Gurriel had just hit a home run off Los Angeles Dodgers' pitcher Yu Darvish. After he returned to the dugout, Gurriel made this racially charged gesture - placing his fingers to the sides of his face, lifting the lateral corners of his eyes - while mouthing the word "chinito," (Spanish for "Chinese boy"). He was directing his gesture and racial slur at Darvish, who was born in Japan - and is of Iranian and Japanese descent. Needless to say, Yuri Gurriel was unaware he was being filmed.

During tonight's game seven, Yuli Gurriel "apologized" to Yu Darvish by tipping his hat to the pitcher. Note that Fox Sports tagged this tweet with #RESPECT. Yet Gurriel's body language shows the complete opposite. There is absolutely no respect here.

Of course, tipping one's hat is an accepted symbol (Emblem) of respect. It is also a very conscious gesture. In sharp contrast, a quite unconscious nonverbal signal - Yuli Gurriel's facial expression, displays the components of:

• An Elevated Central Forehead Contraction (Elevated CFC)
• Elevated inner (medial) eyebrows
• A partial "mouth smile"
• The "mouth smile" has a unilateral component (biased to his left) of Contempt

Whenever there is an elevated CFC accompanied with even a slight "mouth smile", the "smile" is NEVER sincere. Rather the expression represents:

• Disbelief
• Contempt
• Arrogance

Moreover, the unilateral "smile" of Yuli Gurriel's is not a smile at all (far from it) - but, signals contempt. This would true if it were displayed in isolation, yet when coupled with the elevated central forehead contraction - these two facial components project a 10 out of 10 level of DISRESPECT.

Summary: Yuli Gurriel's "apology" to Yu Darvish was profoundly insincere. Mr. Gurriel's emotions in this moment are arrogance, disbelief, and contempt. He feels Yu Darvish is beneath him. Although the conscious tipping of the hat is one traditional signal of respect - this is feigned; Gurrie's unconscious facial expression tell his true feelings.

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