Sunday, November 12, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4120: Robert Mueller's Nonverbal Metaphor - and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Some may call Robert Mueller the most powerful man in Washington, D.C. In the image above we see the special prosecutor with his hands configured in a variation of the "Pistol Steeple". The pistol steeple is an alpha/hyper-alpha nonverbal signal. It's also part of a broader category of critical evaluation behaviors. When the two forefingers (index fingers) are extended with their flexor surfaces held together - and the other fingers are flexed (and usually intertwined) - the hands take on the approximate shape of a handgun.

The metaphor of the pistol is extended further by its deeper meaning - for when it's displayed, those using it are "shooting-down" what is being said, proposed, etc. 

As we further evaluate Robert Mueller's expression in this moment, we see his lips are thinned and the opening of his mouth is foreshortened. He has a mild amount of mid-facial tension. Along with some normal aging changes (Brow Ptosis), his eyebrows are also dynamically lowered - as well as mildly drawn together. In addition to his critical evaluation, Robert Mueller is manifesting anger, albeit controlled.

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