Saturday, November 18, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4125: Michael Flynn, Trick Arrows, and Suppressing Strong Emotions - Nonverbal and Emotions Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

This image of Michael Flynn and K.T. McFarland was taken on 1 February 2017 in the White House Press Room. At that time, Flynn had been National Security Advisor for twelve days and Ms. McFarland was the Deputy National Security Advisor. Flynn's stint would only last for twelve more days. On 13 February he would be forced to resign for lying to Vice President Pence regarding the nature of his communications with the Russian Ambassador to the US - Sergey Kislyak.

Only six days earlier, Acting Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates had met with Don McGahn. Ms. Yates had informed Mr. McGahn (the White House Counsel and assistant to the President) that she felt Flynn had been "compromised" and thus was subject to possible to blackmail by the Russians.

What should jump out at you at first glance in this photo - is the configuration of Michael Flynn's mouth and lips. Notice how his lips are rolled inward.  An "Inward Lip Roll" is a strong signal of the act of suppressing strong feelings. His psyche is trying to prevent both the inward growth and the outward manifestation of robust emotions. But which ones?

You may have noted how Flynn's jaw is clenched and thrust forward. This "Jaw Jut" affords less "rolling-in" of his lower lip). His mid-face (e.g., "mustache area") is tense and his nostrils are also flared. This entire cluster of nonverbal changes is indicative of a surge of adrenaline.

His eyebrows are also both pulled together and directed downward along with his forehead.

Next, watch Lars Andersen - an extremely skilled archer in this video showcasing his remarkable skills published several weeks ago. Many would call his use of people here - a form reckless endangerment - and indeed even abuse - particularly with his use of a child.

Now, slow the video down to 1/4 speed at 0:58. Watch the arrow as it passes in front of the woman standing at the head of the line. Notice also how her lower and mid-face rapidly morphs in a manner similar to Michael Flynn's - with an inner lip roll, a jaw jut, mid-face tightening, and nostril flaring.

Their eyes and forehead are expressing differences, however. The woman's eyelids and forehead are significantly elevated while Flynn's are lowered. The reason for this is her adrenaline surge is quicker and stronger - she is experiencing only one intense emotion. In contrast, then National Security Advisor Flynn's adrenaline - although still elevated, was relatively lower. While both individuals were far from their emotional baselines' - experiencing fear - Michael Flynn was also calculating his next move.

Always remember - when you see an inward lip roll - in that moment, that person is far from their emotional center.

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