Sunday, November 12, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4119: Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin at APEC Summit - Part II - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

For months it has been widely known that seventeen US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, FBI, NSA, and The Office of the Director of National Intelligence - all agree that Russia aggressively interfered with the 2016 US Presidential Election. It's also common knowledge that Donald Trump openly says that he doesn't believe Russia is guilty of this offense. The whole World also knows Vladimir Putin denies that Russia interfered in any way with the US election.

It's in this context that the following nonverbal analysis is made. 

Note very early in this video (during 0:02) - as President Trump walks in back of President Putin, Trump calls his name. Once Putin orients himself, and as he begins to turn and stand, Trump embraces the Russian leader. He reaches his arm fully around Putin's back, beneath his opposite (right) arm.

To reach around another head-of-state's back to this degree - a considerable embrace - particularly in the context of the Russia conspiracy coverage and Robert Mueller's investigation - for a President to display this nonverbal dynamic in this context demonstrates only a limited number of possibilities:

• Affection
• High level of Familiarity (overlaps with affection)
• Narcissistic Personality Disorder §
• Hubris (overlaps with Narcissism)
• Combination of above

More specifically, this is very much akin to the psychology of a witness/accomplice who, after returning to the scene of the crime, is standing just outside of the perimeter of the yellow police tape. It's a nonverbal display of bravado. 

Moreover, it also very much says, "Why would I hug/embrace Vladimir Putin if he were guilty of hacking the US Elections?"

Nonverbally, this is also an analog of the very common behavior of some individuals, who, when guilty of lying - look you right in the eye. It's an over-compensation phenomenon (e.g., "Everyone knows liars don't look you in the eye, right? See, I'm looking you right in your eyes.")

A non-guilty narcissist §, one who is capable of contextualizing, would not behave in this manner. This is something more. It's a ruse,  a camouflage - an attempt at misdirection.

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