Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4136: Seminole Heights/Tampa Florida Serial Killer - Criminal Profiling - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Between 9 October and 14 November 2017, four people were murdered in the Seminole Heights neighborhood of Tampa, Florida.

The victims were Benjamin Edward Mitchell (killed 9 October),  Monica Caridad Hoffa (13 October), Anthony Naiboa (19 October), and Ronald Felton (14 November). They were all killed between approximately 7:57 pm and 4:50 am - under the cover of darkness.

A witness to Ronald Felton's murder describes the suspect as a being male, African-American and 6'0" - 6'2" in height.

Several surveillance videos of the suspect - some of which are included in the news segment above, show the suspect both walking and running. During 0:42 - 0:48 the suspect can also be seen performing an idiosyncratic act of flipping his cell phone in his hand. As the Police Chief says - this could very well be used as a memory-jogger and an identifying characteristic. As he displays this maneuver with his right hand, the suspect is with high probability, right-handed.

The police also believe that the suspect lives in the area.

There is a practice among bird-watchers known as a "GISS" (sometimes spelled JIZZ) which is a description of the "overall impression or appearance of a bird garnered from such features as shape, posture, flying style or other habitual movements, size and coloration - combined with vocalization, habitat, and location". Often just a split second glance by an experienced birder can accurately identify the species."

A giss is, of course, biological in nature - although components of it may be learned. From a body language perspective, there exists an analog behavior in human families - e.g., siblings may exhibit specific nonverbal behaviors which are shared by - and have their origins from one of the parents. Most of us can recall seeing examples of this phenomenon as we progressively meet members of a given family.

People also often have very particular walking and running gaits - which also can act as a form of a "giss". By evaluating the suspect's running gait, I can say with high probability this person is "a natural". He very much has the giss of a practiced, experienced runner. Moreover, with high likelihood, this suspect ran track, cross country in high school, is/was a recreational runner, or an athlete in another running-dominated sport.

Those individuals within the running community in the Tampa/Seminole Heights area may very well recognize the suspect's running style/"Runner's Giss". This is particularly true for current and relatively recent members (as well as the coaching staffs) of nearby high school track, cross-country, and other sports teams. As part of these homicide investigations, members of these surrounding High Schools teams should absolutely be interviewed.

By watching the suspect running style in this video, it's easy to tell he is thinner than most people. But to nuance this further - if his height is accurately described by the witness at 6'0" to 6'2", his Body Mass Index then ranges from approximately 21.0 to 22.5 corresponding to a weight of approximately 150 to 175 pounds - and probably in the lower half of this range. Most people would describe this person as "thin" or "skinny". Seeing him with his shirt off, some of us may call him too thin, underweight, or even a bit malnourished.

Furthermore, his gait is suggestive of a younger male, between 17 and 25, but probably no older than 22 years old.

This suspect, with high probability, was also the victim of repeated abuse, violence, and or bullying of other varieties (e.g., unfair employment practices). The recent end of a long-term relationship may very well have acted as a trigger for the suspect's violent acts.

In summary, the suspect of the Seminole Heights/Tampa Florida serial Killer is:

• Male
• African American
• 6'0" - 6'2"
• 150 - 175 lbs
• BMI of 21.0 - 22.5
• Has a habit of flipping his phone in his hand
• Right-handed
• Lives in the Seminole Heights area of Tampa
• 17 - 25 years old
• Is/was an athlete, probable recreational Runner
• He's been abused, bullied at home/work/school
• Recently has experienced the end of a long-term relationship

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