Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4040: James Clapper Regarding Donald Trump's Fitness for Office - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Last night, after Donald Trump's rally-speech in Phoenix, James Clapper was a guest on CNN. The former Director of National Intelligence displayed a multitude of body language signals during his interview this interview. What follows is a highlight of just a crucial few of Mr. Clapper's nonverbal moments.

DON LEMON (beginning at 0:07): What did you think of tonight's performance by President Trump?

JAMES CLAPPER: Well, a, Don, it's hard to know where to, where to start, ahhhh, it's just so objectionable on so many, ah, levels. Ahum, you know I toiled in one capacity or another for every President, ah, since and including John F. Kennedy through President Obama and I don't know when I've listened and watched something like this - of a president that I found more, ah, disturbing. Having some understanding of ah, the levers of power that are available to a president if, ah, he chooses to exercise 'em. Ah, I found this, ah, ah, downright scary and, and ah, and disturbing. 

I think, ah, Bakari [Bakari Sellers] is, ah, right on the money though, that th-, this is not a surprise. It, [clears throat] interesting to contrast, ah, last night's ah, teleprompter Trump performance, ah, versus, ah, tonight, which is of course, ah, the real Trump*. Ah, just as, it was in that the unglued impromptu press conference, ah, at Trump Tower. So I, I just find this, ah, [deep inhalation] extremely disturbing.

LEMON: Are you questioning his fitness? 

CLAPPER: Yes, I do. I, I, I, I really ques, question, ah, his, ah, ability to ah, his fitness to be in this office.

During 0:42, as Mr. Clapper says, "... the levers of power that are available to a president if, ah, he chooses to exercise 'em ...", he displays an excellent example of a microexpression of Contempt.

A few seconds later, during 0:52, as the former Director of National Intelligence says, "...  downright scary ...", he displays a second microexpression of contempt.

Just after he says, "... versus, ah, tonight, which is of course, ah, the real Trump ..." (during 1:14), James Clapper displays a Tight Tongue Jut" (be careful not to confuse this with a "Loose Tongue Jut") This too is very rapid - ergo, it's also a type of microexpression. A tight tongue jut is a signal of strong distaste, disgust, and disdain.

During 1:25, just after he says, "... I, I just find this, ah, [deep inhalation] extremely disturbing...", Mr. Clapper displays a nonverbal cluster involving his lower face including:
  • Clenched Jaw
  • Thinned Lips (almost disappeared)
  • Mouth Corners and Cheeks Vectored Far Laterally
  • Tissue adjacent to Lips Bulging
This classic grouping of facial findings indicate:
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Regret
Summary: James Clapper's nonverbal behavior is highly congruent with his verbal statements. Not only is the former Director of National Intelligence angry and frustrated with Donald Trump, he also has contempt, disdain, and disgust for the President. To detect incongruency is to detect deception - Clapper is being sincere.

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