Saturday, August 12, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4027: Warning Signs - Police Officer Shot Multiple Times at Close Range - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

There are numerous body language (and common sense) red flags in this video. When behavior is "Out of Context" for a given scenario, it's always a warning sign. Some of these behaviors are obvious and some are more subtle, but the ramifications are all quite serious.

1. Walking away from a police officer when commands are being given: This is, of course, always highly suspicious behavior

2. The nonchalance, casualness, and bounce of the suspect's gait/walking pattern: Highly out-of-context behavior when confronted by Law Enforcement

3. Persisting in talking on the phone (or faking a call) while being given commands by an officer: Classic decoy/camouflage/misdirection behavior 

4. Only turning his head and neck - and then only partially, with his back to the officer - when being threatened with tasing: More non-disclosing, clandestine implying, and non-acquiescing behavior - All highly out-of-context

5. Right hand in his pocket: Yes, it may be cold, and there could be a benign reason for it, however, this is a warning sign any cop, street-wise adult, or even child knows - and it's particularly suspect when a command is being given to "Get Your Hands Out of Your Pockets" by an officer

6. Index finger of the opposite hand extended (whether talking on a phone or pretending to): If this particular signal was not present, then, of course, all of the above behaviors would easily carry sufficient threat assessment weight which should have indicated to the officer that the suspect was very probably armed.

Yet, it's a profound nonverbal sign which very much adds nonverbal evaluation ...

This extended index finger signal (with or without a feigned or real phone call) is one, which, even if you're a cop, that you probably missed. An index finger extended in this setting carries a lot of meaning. It's a high alpha, high adrenaline, dominance display - when, in this particular context, the vast majority of people would normally be feeling very beta.
It's also a nonverbal gun metaphor - to have one's index finger (forefinger) extended with the other fingers contracted. At times, he was even pointing this "body language gun" symbol toward the officer prior to the literal gun was exposed.

His left index finger is in a high adrenaline state because his right index finger was also in a high adrenaline state (preparing to pull the trigger). One hand will mirror the other hand - especially in moments which are far from emotional baseline.

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