Friday, August 18, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4034: Steve Bannon's Critical Evaluation - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Perhaps you've heard? Steve Bannon has been fired. Although rumors of President Trump's chief strategist's departure have been circulating for weeks, what appears to have been the last straw for Donald Trump, was Bannon's recent and very public contradiction of the President's strategy regarding North Korea.

In the image above, Steve Bannon is in the Oval Office displaying a classic nonverbal MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) known as the "Double-L". Note how his index finger (forefinger) is resting on the left side of his head and directed upward, his thumb is resting on the side/base of his jaw (mandible) pointing posteriorly, and the remainder of his fingers are angled to his right. These three groupings of digits are oriented at roughly right-angles to each other, and thereby giving this gesture its name, the "Double-L" - which is a strong signal of critical evaluation (e.g., Whatever you're selling, he's NOT buying).

Of particular note is his middle finger. It's held over his lips (see below) and it's also isolated from the other digits. And although this signal is a subconscious/edge-of-consciousness phenomenon, the middle finger placement signals Bannon's psyche is simultaneously "shushing" the speaker - as well as flipping them the bird. This is a variation of a "Partial Emblematic Slip".

Nuancing further, we can see Steven Bannon's eyebrows and lower forehead are pulled together (medially) and lowered. His lips are also stretched and very thinned. The cluster of changes is consistent with anger.

Summary: In addition to his anger in this moment, Steven Bannon's display of a "Double-L" indicates a classic and strong critical evaluation of the speaker/idea/plan being put forth. Superimposed in this moment is the display of his middle finger MAP - which is an additional, potent signal of profanity and his desire to silence them.

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