Sunday, August 13, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4029: Charlottesville, Heather Heyer, and Sincerity - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Heather Heyer was counter-protesting against the White Nationalists on Saturday afternoon in Charlottesville, Virginia. She was killed when a car driven by James Alex Fields deliberately sped into a crowd. At least nineteen other people were injured.

In the image above, Ms. Heyer can be seen displaying a sincere smile. Many people erroneously believe that sincere smiles must include teeth being displayed. Heather's smile is an excellent example of a sincere smile - yet where no teeth are visible.

The most crucial component of any sincere (Duchenne) smile are the eyes. The eyelids should ALWAYS be partially closed - AND there must ALWAYS be a temporary, concave-up furrows present in the lower eyelids. Heather Heyer's picture includes both of these features.

(Sometimes the lower lid furrow is reduced with Botox treatments - which is not the case here.)

Also, notice that Ms. Heyer's forehead is not contracted, but relaxed - which is another required element of a true, joy-happiness smile.

Heather's cheek muscles, along with the corners of her mouth, are vectored primarily upward. In distinction, with insincere smiles (aka social, acted, feigned) - there is a primary lateral (sideways) direction of the mouth's corners - and while the cheek muscles may contract - they barely move upward.

Whether or not teeth are visible is the least important component of any true smile - and, again, the exposure of teeth is NOT required in order for the smile to be sincere. Moreover, when teeth are visible - they should only the upper teeth (exceptions to this rule include a downward angle of the viewer/camera - or if the person is either beginning to, or just finishing with sincere laughter [for the lower teeth are exposed during sincere laughter - just not with sincere smiles]).

Notice too, that Ms. Heyer's head is tilted slightly to her left - and it's leaning somewhat forward. In this context, these features are "Sincerity Amplifiers". That is to say, a tilting and forward leaning of her head and neck up-regulate the warmth of her smile. These are green light signals - further "allowing us in" to a person's heart and mind. They are features which build rapport over and above that of a (baseline) sincere smile.

My deep condolences to the loved-ones of Heather Heyer. Stay strong.

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