Thursday, August 31, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4048: Lady Di - Ambassador of Empathy - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Who can believe it's been twenty years since the World lost Lady Di? In the last several generations, there have been so few people on the World-stage who have both represented and engendered the emotion of empathy more so than Diana.

Empathy can be projected to our fellow human beings (and also animals) in many ways - yet the most important is via eye contact.

Of course, all eye contact is not the same - and it must be accompanied by congruent facial expressions and body configurations (note in this image how, even though her forehead is obscured, we can tell it's elevated [along with her inner eyebrows]). But so very many people live a lifetime and never truly know the impact of quality and contextual eye contact. You may have three Ph.D.s and be a "logical man of science" - but once you're the recipient of affectionate and caring eye contact, you'd walk through fire for that person.

Diana was also not afraid to touch. She so often held children - and she was one of the first public figures to hold hands with and hug AIDS patients. During a time when most people were deeply fearful of this disease, her example had a profound effect in opening many hearts and minds.

In a World where, far too often, touch is sexualized (and hyper-sexualized), so very many people are living lives confusing sex with affection. While certainly, these two feeling-experiences do overlap - very often affection is its own universe. Indeed, it's within the circle of affection, compassion, and empathy where most true humanity lives.

Thank you Lady Di for living a life of Empathy. May we continue your example.

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