Monday, August 28, 2017

Body Language Analysis No. 4044: Kim Jong-un's Choreography - Nonverbal and Emotional Intelligence (PHOTOS)

Kim Jong-un's team choreographs the photos he releases to the World's other 194 countries. The North Korean leader commonly poses (while feigning spontaneity) with his hands behind his back.

Although we can't see the position of his hands, given the angle of his visible forearm, his position at the top of the political pecking-order, and his other accompanying nonverbal signs - he's most probably clasping one palm to the back-of-the-other-hand. This configuration both projects and engenders the alpha emotions of strength, power, authority, and high-confidence.

However, if one grips the wrist of the opposite hand - it indicates frustration. Moreover, the higher one hand holds the opposite arm - the greater the level of frustration. Whenever you notice yourself gripping at the level of the wrist or higher, re-position so that one palm is holding the back of the other hand, and you'll feel your confidence increase (This upregulation of your confidence with be further enhanced if you square your shoulders, puff your chest slightly forward, and stand with your feet planted a shoulder's width apart).

Great care should be taken though - for nuance is necessary. As is the case with all alpha body language signals, those individuals who use them - tend to over-use them. Thus what initially projects as confidence very rapidly becomes hyper-alpha and then backfires into arrogance. What once made a person look like a leader degrades quickly into a rapport destroying act.

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