Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3489: Margot Robbie wants Prince Harry - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Although Margot Robbie has been in a relationship with Tom Ackerley, a British assistant director, for almost two years, her appearance on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show tells us she desires Prince Harry. When actors are not "in character", particularly when they're discussing their personal lives and experiences - they're no better than average at suppressing their nonverbal behavior.

What follows is a partial nonverbal analysis of Ms. Robbie's this appearance.

During 0:09 - 0:11, Margot displays a variation of the elbows-out, armpit configuration as Jimmy Fallon takes out the picture taken in a photo booth which includes (along with some friends) both herself and Prince Harry (who she had mistook for Ed Sheeran).

The elbows-out armpit display, when coupled with certain facial expressions conveys a significant element of sexuality (In this moment Ms. Robbie's face includes a sincere smile/sincere laughter with blushing which carries with it a component of embarrassment). It doesn't necessarily indicate that a person is attracted to someone in the immediate area. It does however mean that they are feeling, significantly sexual. Of course here she's on TV and the Internet - so her display is to a much larger audience than most moments in life.

Not surprisingly, this effect of this nonverbal cluster is significantly amplified when armpits are not covered by clothing. What may be intriguing to some people however, is that the elbows-out, armpit exposed body language will also often sexually stimulate many of those who see this behavior.

This particular nonverbal cluster is indicative of a high sincerity moment (0:40 - 0:42).

When the head-neck unit is tilted (and here rotated as well) coupled with finger/thumb touching of the temple region - along with a smile - the smile is almost always a sincere one (Duchenne Smile). Her blushing also indicates a high level of sincerity.

Immediately after Fallon points out that Harry was also in the picture, Margot touches her ring on the ring-finger of her left hand (1:14 - 1:15) indicating a romantic emotional tone toward the Prince.

Watch out Tom Ackerley, your princess is on the prowl.

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