Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3492: Peyton Manning Retirement Press Conference - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Yesterday Peyton Manning announced his retirement from Professional Football. He has amassed many coveted NFL records including most touchdowns in a season, career touchdowns, passing yards for a season and career passing yards. He also holds the record for quarterback career wins as well as winning two Super Bowls and five league MVPs.

There are many nonverbal signals projected by Mr. Manning during this press conference - yet one is particularly noteworthy

When a person speaks with a bias to one side of their mouth, there are many possible interpretations depending on the other nonverbal displays with which they are clustered. Here are a few thought-emotions and nonverbal displays should that should come to mind in the setting of such mouth asymmetry:

1. Insincerity/Dishonesty
2. Machismo/Hubris/Bravado/Swagger (which is to a degree, a form of insincerity)
3. Acquiesce/Resignation 
4. Idiosyncratic
5. Medical etiology (e.g., Stroke, Facial Nerve Palsy, Trauma history)
6. Suppressed Sincere Smile
7. Insincere Smile
8. Contempt
9. Regret
10. Fear
11. Tongue-in-cheek
12. Lip Biting
13. Lateral Lip Pursing
14. Lateral Jaw Thrust
15. Jaw Confessional

Throughout this press conference, Mr. Manning speaks with a strong preponderance out of the right side of his mouth. He's been doing so for many years, thus for Peyton, this mouth movement is a habitual mechanical idiosyncrasy.

Of course every human being who also has an idiosyncrasy may on occasion display a temporary and completely simultaneous and separate thought-emotion-behavior simultaneously. So even though Manning has this habit of speaking - it may, on occasion be superimposed with elements of other mindsets. The fact that one of these is part of his baseline body language behavior and the many others are brief elements of overlying emotions (with the exception of medical problems which may be longstanding or permanent) - makes these difficult for almost everyone to separate. Fortunately in such scenarios there are many other nonverbal cues, which, if one knows what to look for - allows us to make the distinctions between these thought-feelings.

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