Sunday, March 13, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3496: Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush Hugging at Nancy Reagan's Funeral - Body Language (PHOTO)

This image was taken on 11 March 2016, just after Nancy Reagan's funeral. As bizarre as it may seem to some people, there is a significant amount of affection present in this moment.

George W. Bush's head is tilted toward Hillary Clinton's and her head - particularly her eye/forehead eye is touching 43's cheek/shoulder.

President's Bush is displaying a sincere smile. His forehead is relaxed, his eyelids are partially closed, there are the highly-characteristic concave-up furrows in each of his lower eyelids, Bush's cheeks are vectored primarily upward and only his upper teeth are visible. His smile is absolutely sincere.

Secretary Clinton is laughing - and her laughter is also very sincere. Note that her eyes are closed - a signal of high sincerity both during a smile and laughter. There is also a particular signal in this image which is extremely under appreciated when it comes to interpreting body language - Hillary's jaw retraction. Retraction of the jaw during laughter is a very reliable signal of sincerity. And although she may have a very slight natural overbite, Hillary's dynamic action of the mandible tells us her laughter is true.

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