Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3514: Casting Rey - The Force Awakens Bonus Features - Daisy Ridley's Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

 This recent viral video above is a portion of Daisy Ridley's audition as "Rey" for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens.

In the portion of the video from 0:43 through 1:07, Daisy is acting as a victim who is being tortured for J.J. Abrams.


Although Ms. Ridley is quite expressive with her tears, eyes, mid-face and mouth/jaw for someone who is in significant pain (along with some anger), throughout the duration of this segment, the woman who will by Rey showed very little, indeed almost zero forehead contraction. As long there are normal functioning facial nerves and muscles, it is impossible for a person who is being tortured (via either physical pain or emotional pain) to have their forehead demonstrate so little muscular contraction. The reason for this is almost certainly the use of Botox - inhibiting facial expression (specifically her forehead) and diminishes her ability to convey emotions

In their medical training, physicians, or actors, are rarely - if ever - taught that the presence of significant levels of pain always has accompanying central forehead contraction (CFC) - not the entire width of the forehead. This knowledge comes in particularly valuable when discerning a "drug seeker" from a patient who is in sincere pain.


This moment captures more of the emotion of anger with significant lower eyelid tension, mid-face contraction, nasal flaring, bared teeth and a jaw jut.

With high levels of anger (rage) however, the eyelids are opened much wider than is seen here.

Summary: When experiencing even mild-moderate levels of pain, the central forehead muscles are always contracted. This is an absolute. The expression of a multitude of other emotions also require normal forehead muscle function - thus actors should never use Botox.

Intriguingly, when Botox treatments are administered - a high percentage of people will often display hyperbolic facial movements/melodramatic expressions in the portions of their faces' which remain functional.

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