Monday, March 7, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3491: Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan and Sincere Affection - Body Language (PHOTOS)

Ronald's and Nancy Reagan's love for each other was well recognized. In this single image we see several significant signals of their sincerity.

Note that both the President and the First Lady are closing their eyelids. Ninety percent of our sensory input is visual. The other four senses are obligated to "share" the remaining ten percent. Also, forty percent of the entire human brain is dedicated to vision. Thus when we close our eyes, a bit more blood and electrical activity of the brain is directed to hearing, taste, smell and touch - as well as the cognitive and emotional centers of the brain. So when a person with a healthy visual system closes their eyes, they are trying to squeeze out every ounce of emotion in that moment (Intriguing, this phenomenon also holds true for the other senses as well - when you close your eyes while eating that chocolate cake, you're not just imagining that it tastes better - it truly does taste better. Or when you're smelling that bouquet of flowers, listening carefully, careful touching, etc., - and of course for enhanced cognition too).

Kissing the eye/eyelid or the regions immediately adjacent to the eye is indicative of high affection and high sincerity. This is true in all relationship contexts, with parents, with children, with siblings, etc. Recognizing this nonverbal and other affection displays, are profoundly important distinctions to make in the context of romantic relationships - for very often, many an adult fail to make a distinction between sexual behavior and sincere affectionate behavior.

Although we cannot be 100% sure due to the angle of this photograph, we can be reasonably certain that the palm of Ronald Reagan's (right) hand is touching the shoulder/back of Nancy. Full palmar touch (as opposed to the only the tips of the fingers/thumb) is indicative of high sincerity and also, in the context of a hug, high affection. 

My sincere condolences to Nancy Reagan's friends and family.

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