Thursday, March 3, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3486: Donald Trump and Chris Christie on Super Tuesday - Display the Same Telling Nonverbal Signal to Same Statement re: Trump's Wall - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

During Donald Trump's victory speech on Super Tuesday in Palm Beach, Florida - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stood behind him. A portion of the New Jersey Governor's response has famously since been memed World-wide (a body language analysis of that moment: Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3485: Chris Christie's Facial Expressions standing behind Donald Trump - Bad Body Language on Super Tuesday).

In the midst of his press conference there was another very telling set of nonverbal signals - the same one displayed by each man a fraction of a second apart - a tongue jut (see the 18:02 - 18:03)

"... As sure as you're standing there. One hundred percent Mexico's going to pay! One hundred percent! [Donald Trump displays a tongue jut followed a split second later by Chris Christie's] And - the reason, the reason is I'm a business man. I know how to do this ..."

The tongue jut (also known as a "Lizard Tongue") is a nonverbal signal indicating variations of the emotions, "I've been foolish", "I've been bad", "I got caught". Trump's tongue jut and mouth is conformed somewhat tighter than Christie's. This is because he has greater hesitancy. Mr. Trump has more to lose and a portion of his psyche very much does NOT want to say this. As his possibility of getting to the Oval Office increases, he dislikes making this statement because he believes that fulfilling this promise is highly unlikely. This bears repeating - TRUMP BELIEVES making Mexico pay for a wall is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.  And - we see very shortly thereafter, Christie believes the same thing.

Donald Trump's Tongue Jut at 18:02.9

The fact that these two identical nonverbal signals made by two men essentially simultaneously (it took Christie a bit longer to process because he was only hearing, whereas Trump was thinking and then speaking it too) very much indicates they both believe the same thing regarding the same subject - AND it also speaks to the fundamental way the human brain is wired, and thus the reliability of using body language as a profoundly important communication skill - both in the interpretation of others' nonverbals, but also using our own body language in the many nuanced context of our business and personal lives.

Chris Christie's Tongue Jut at 18:03.1

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