Friday, February 19, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3473: Adele's Tongue, Ellen DeGeneres and Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Adele was a guest on The Ellen Show earlier this week. Among other things, she discussed the microphone falling into the piano during the Grammys Monday night. Afterwards she admitted "... It wasn't too bad. I treat myself to burger - and a beer ...".

Just after her food confession (during the 1:59 mark of the above video and isolated below), Adele displays a "Tongue Jut". This behavior indicates I've been caught/I've been bad and here it has a significant self-deprecating component as well.

Tongue jutting within a negative emotional context will tend to occur on the opposite side of the mouth vs. those tongue juts with more positive emotions. This particular left-right preference phenomenon is idiosyncratic to the individual and must be normed.

Most of the time a tongue jut (aka lizard tongue) occurs over such a brief duration that it's classified as a microexpression.

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