Saturday, February 27, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3481: Gordon Ramsay Tries Girl Scout Cookies for the First Time - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Although some people don't care for Gordon Ramsay's personality - the Hell's Kitchen chef certainly has a lot of fans. It's profoundly important to remember, disagreeing with someone's point-of-view, does not indicate insincerity on their part. And just as crucial, is the different course of action one should take if a person is being dishonest/insincere vs. someone who is in honest disagreement. As important and as basic as these distinctions are - intermingling and confusing these two basic issues, particularly when the observer is angry - is exceedingly common. Recognizing nonverbal sincerity tells will discern honesty from deception.

Mr. Ramsay is extremely animated and this short video contains many body language signals. One in particular is highlighted here.

Beginning at 0:07 Jimmy Kimmel says, "Are there any good cooks left? Orrrrr - "

Ramsey: "Ahhh [Jaw Jut with Upward Exhalation during 0:10] you know ..."

Kimmel: "..... just people showing up who like to be abused?"

The Jaw Jut with Simultaneous Upward Exhalation is very short-lived (yet not quite as brief as a microexpression) nonverbal display which has a component of anger (ergo the jaw jut) - however the is primarily emotion being expressed is that of frustration. The elongated exhalation which is, in part, slowed by the temporary narrow mouth opening - serves to reduce respiration, heart rate and blood pressure. Because of its resemblance to the cartoon character's prominent jaw and upward air displacement, this nonverbal display is sometimes called the "Popeye sign" (sans pipe).

In a nutshell - think of the Popeye sign as primarily indicating sincere frustration (with a solution but significant reluctance) with a secondary anger component.

Intriguingly, the upward-vectoring of the exhalation nuances this moment even further - suggesting there is solution is at hand (although not as palatable as desired).  Sometimes the jaw jut exhalation is directed laterally or straight forward - and in these variations it carries with it a greater level of anger.

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