Monday, February 22, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3476: Is Ted Cruz worried about a Donald Trump Lawsuit? - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Question: Is Ted Cruz worried about a lawsuit from Donald Trump? Answer: Yes. Probably not one challenging the ad which he's referencing here - but another - e.g., Trump challenging Cruz's birth status and whether or not Cruz is, from a Constitutional point-of-view, a "natural born citizen".

Note that throughout most of this video, Cruz speaks with his hands in his front pockets. Although his hands cannot be visualized directly here, their positions can be easily discerned by the dynamics of his arm positions/movements. Many people will confuse this particular MAP (Manipulator, Adaptor, Pacifier) as one associated with smug confidence - but it's not. Any time a person says their not afraid of something, challenging someone, says their looking forward to xyz - and then they put their hands in their pockets (or doesn't/rarely takes them out of their pockets) - they are afraid/lying. A sudden cessation of hand/arm illustrators is highly correlative with deception. This is particularly noteworthy with Mr. Cruz, because he does have a particular set of hand/arm illustrators to which he frequently defaults - yet here his psyche gives us glimpse inside.

Slicing it thinner: At 0:35 just as Ted Cruz puts his right hand (his dominant hand) back into his pocket (it had been in earlier and his left was in its respective pocket) - the junior senator from Texas displays a regret expression (see image below).

0:35 Regret Expression as Senator Cruz puts his second (dominant) hand into his pocket just after he says, "One of the things I look forward to most of all ..."


A second later as he says, " .... is deposing Donald Trump" - Cruz's face displays an expression of incredulity (right eyebrow raised, right forehead contracted and elevated - yet it's relaxed on his left side). Ted Cruz uses this expression during a declarative statement. Thus his body language is contradicting his verbal language. Anytime these two are incongruous - it's the body language which tells the true emotions. Ted Cruz has a disbelief of his own statement.

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