Monday, February 8, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3460: Eli Manning Reacts to Bronco's Super Bowl Touchdown - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Vine video shown above has gone viral - and it's no wonder. Eli Manning is shown here the moment as C.J. Anderson scores a touchdown with just over three minutes to go in the forth quarter - all but guaranteeing the Denver Broncos a Super Bowl 50 victory. It would also give his brother Peyton Manning a second Super Bowl ring.

The caption on the video reads, "Eli Manning is SO EXCITED for his brother, Peyton." However in its sarcasm, this description dramatically misses the mark - for "Non-excitement" is definitely not what Eli Manning is feeling.

Although not fully manifested, this is a classic expression of fear.

Eli's Eyelids (particularly on his right) is opened wider than baseline. Note also the unmistakable expression of the "Mouth of Fear" as the corners of Manning's mouth are pulled back and down.

This is a classic "Thousand Yard Stare" of a person in emotional shock - who's processing negative information quicker than his emotional brain can handle.

Here Eli is displaying subtle-to-mild level of contempt. This is more easily seen when viewed in the context of the video looping.

It's very likely however that his contempt is not directed at his bother as it has been suggested.

Eli Manning has a high sincerity quotient. Moreover he also has high empathy displayed in the many hours of video available for anyone to watch. So what is behind this moment? Many have made this into a sibling rivalry issue - and perhaps it is. Yet Eli's fear, sudden shock and contempt - may have an explanation in the expression of a man who has just lost a lot of money (e.g., self-contempt). The suddenness of this display and out-of-character nature of these emotions are particularly striking.

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