Monday, February 29, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3483: Kate Winslet's Reaction to Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar for Best Actor - Body Language (PHOTOS)

This is Kate Winslet just after Leonardo DiCaprio won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in The Revenant.

When evaluating this moment from a nonverbal perspective, there several crucial components which are very telling. Grouped together these signals are called a "cluster".

1. Note Kate's central forehead is contracted and elevated (elevated CFC). This is seen concomitant with her inner (medial) eyebrow also being raised.

2. Kate's Eyelids are opened up significantly wider than baseline - with some tension in her lower eyelids. We can see some redness in the whites (conjunctiva) of her eyes - together with some tears.

3. Her hands are touching and partially covering her mouth. Whenever a person's hand(s) are touching the face - particularly when covering the mouth, nose and eyes in reaction to something happening to another person (or animal) - there is a very significant component of EMPATHY present.

4. Whenever there's an elevated CFC present, it's crucial to immediately evaluate the configuration of the mouth. Here, although Ms. Winslet's mouth is partially covered - yet we can see she is certainly not smiling - even though she's in deep empathy with Leo during a time of recognition for his accomplishment. What specific emotion would you say her mouth is conveying if it were the only part of her face you could see?

Summary: Kate Winslet is feeling very strong empathy for Leonardo DiCaprio. People who routinely display such a body language cluster for others have a high empathy quotient.

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