Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3455: Jerry Rice Undercover - Lyft Super Bowl 50 Commercial - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

If you're a Jerry Rice fan, you'll love this commercial for Super Bowl 50. It features the record setting 49ers wide receiver going undercover (as "Jay") disguised as a Lyft driver. And although he eventually reveals his identity, the intervening moments provide some fantastic nonverbal teaching examples. One passenger's body language in particular is highlighted here.


Here, Steven begins to display disbelief with his slightly elevated central (medial) eyebrows along with a mild mouth smile.


Continued and increased Elevated Central Forehead Contraction (E-CFC) with an additional pulling together of his eyebrows (for which the common idiom, "Knitting of the Brows" is often used).

Steven is showing a continued incredulity with focused and concentration (e.g., "What's going on here? Is that REALLY who I think he is?").


Mildly elevated CFC with a partial mouth smile continues (This expression of incredulity almost NEVER involves a Sincere [Duchenne] Smile and it's very often Unilateral [e.g., in this example more pronounced on Steven's right]). Note also Steven pulling or pinching his left ring finger (a common generalized anxiety tell).


Jaw Confessional

At this moment Steven had decided to openly ask "Jay" his real identity.

This  quick, short-duration, lateral movement of the jaw indicates an embarrassment component to his thought-emotion. Of course, Steven's not 100% sure he's correct, so he's feeling embarrassment-anxiety prior to vocalizing his suspicion (and he fears he may be wrong). The jaw confessional is seen in the context of a person telling you something for which they have a significant component of embarrassment. This commercial is, of course, edited - so we don't see Steven's guess.

When the jaw is maintains a prolonged thrust to one side, it indicates a completely different thought-emotion - which one?

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