Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3184: Erin Andrews' Eye Roll upon and "Dancing with the Stars" semifinalist Noah Galloway proposing to his girlfriend Jamie Boyd live after he performing to "Time of My Life" - Body Language (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Erin Andrews spoiled the party last night on "Dancing With the Stars". Noah Galloway - a semifinalist and a war hero proposed to his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd .... and Ms. Andrews let her true feelings leak out. What follows is a partial body language analysis of the above video.


Eye Roll - a classic display of impatient-dismissal with strong components of contempt.

In addition, Andrews' lower and mid-face are also displaying additional elements of contempt.

The eye roll is a conscious/edge-of-consciousness nonverbal, thus Ms. Andrews' claim that she was feeling empathy for the Noah and Jamie - and that she was trying to suppress tears - is a blatant lie.


Andrews' face takes on a Classic Disgust Display


A few seconds earlier we can see Jamie Boyd in the midst of one common nonverbal configuration sometimes seen when one is trying to suppress tears. Surprising to some people, the jaw is clenched and jutted forward (similar to what other emotion?). Her chin is also dimpling and her nostrils are flared. Some will also be surprised to learn that this is a very sincere smile - despite her down-turned mouth corners. Her mouth/jaw/lips are in the midst of the act of preventing her from crying.

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